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Tristin Thompson – RVT Candidate, Harrison College School of Veterinary Technology

Tristin Thompson is a full time student at the School of Veterinary Technology at Harrison College in Indianapolis.

Tristin has been spending two mornings a week volunteering at Leo’s Pet Care since February 2014, and has this to say about her volunteer experience here so far:

tristin thompson

Tristin Thompson

“Before going into Leo’s Pet Care, all I was sure of was that I was going to play with puppies and kitties and nurse them back to health with hugs and kisses by becoming a Veterinary Technician. I had only a vague idea what I was getting myself into, but couldn’t have picked a better staff to guide me through this learning experience.

From day one, Dr. Magnusson and the entire Leo’s team took me under their wing and immediately started to teach me. Not only did they teach me the medical aspect of becoming a tech, from blood draws, vaccines, and intubating patients, I learned skill after skill. Not only did they show me the medical aspect of this field, they taught me the importance of patient-client relationships. As a long-time pet owner, I had never been in a practice that cares so deeply not only for the patient, but for owner as well. Countless times I was taught how to handle different situations and different personalities. It was the kind of education that you cannot get in school.

With such a small staff I was taught the importance of teamwork and communication that can only be received with hands on experience. Getting an education and attending classes was one thing, but coming to Leo’s every week and getting to put that education to real life practice is something that I consider invaluable. I don’t think that I would have done as well in school without the chance that Leo’s Pet Care gave me.

The entire staff does a great job making you feel welcome and a part of the team, and to me that was a really big deal. From the time that I had to duck out of a spay because I felt that I was going to pass out to the moment that I made it through my first one and that defeated feeling went away, Dr. Magnusson and his staff cheered me on every step of the way. If anyone were every given the opportunity to do what I have done, I wouldn’t hesitate to tell them to take this once in a life time opportunity and make the most out of a wonderful learning experience.”

Dr. Magnusson’s Response:

Tristin Thompson is an example for all young people to follow. Not content simply to study full time to become a Registered Veterinary Technician (RVT), Tristin commits two of her only mornings off, week after week, studying the art and science of veterinary medicine volunteering at Leo’s Pet Care. Then, at the end of her long days of volunteering and full time studying, Tristin spends her evenings working until all hours as a bartender in the local Broad Ripple community. I’m not sure if she ever sleeps.

I have commented before, about previous volunteers, that the only people we allow to hang out here behind the scenes are the folks who have a deep commitment for animal welfare as well as a truly stand-out work ethic, but Tristin really goes above and beyond. From the first contact I had with her via brief email exchange, Tristin has proven herself a dependable professional, capable, a quick learner, and never afraid to get her hands dirty.

Tristin displays a rare curiosity about life, and about my noble profession, that I find inspiring. She asks me intelligent questions, and listens carefully to my answers. Tristin is respectful of her superiors, a joy to her coworkers, and a comfort to the patients under her care. Regardless of which branch of the field Tristin finds herself in, veterinary medicine will be a better place with her in it.

We are proud to have Tristin representing us in the exam room, and out in the community, and look forward to working with her for a long time.