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Cat Wellness Exams - Why Annual Checkups Are so Important For Your Cat's Health

Is there ever a reason a cat would need more than one annual exam?

The answer to that is often no. For most of the cat's life, they'll need that one visit for an annual checkup, as long as you don't have any other illnesses or concerns and want to bring them in to see us. Usually, one does it. However, as your cat ages and gets into that senior category, that's when it's not uncommon for the doctor to recommend multiple senior exams just to check on the progress of any illnesses. Typically, it doesn't get more than two times a year, but it depends on each cat.

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Do kittens need more wellness exams than older cats?

The answer to that is yes. With the new kitten you bring home, you'll need to plan on bringing them into the clinic at ages eight weeks, 12 weeks, and 16. Of course, that's an approximation. Life happens, and you're going to bring them in at different stages, but that's the normal range of things.

My cat seems healthy. Does she really need a wellness exam?

That's a good question that we get all the time, every day. This goes for dogs too, but we're talking about cats. If they do seem healthy, that is good. However, it is important to bring them in for their annual visit. Just like with us, you have a doctor who checks top to bottom to ensure everything's in running order. The goal here is to check for any beginning signs of illness or unwellness that they might have. So typically, the same rules apply to you that would apply to your pet as well.

How often does my cat need dental checkups at a veterinarian?

With that, the golden standard is annual dentals. I know many people don't think about that as primary care, but clean teeth are so important. Generally, we're going to start planting that seed in your head at your kitten exams and motivate you to try to get your cat used to dental care at home, such as teeth brushing, doing dental treats, that sort of thing. Once a year, it is recommended that they come in for a sedated procedure where they go under anesthesia, and we do a deep clean of the teeth and the gum line. More details on dentals will be in another video, but just know that the schedule for dentals is usually once a year.

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