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So You Want To Be A Veterinarian?

So You Want To Be a Veterinarian?

Veterinarians always have at least two patients in the exam room. One human, one animal. Understanding where our patients come from is often the key to treating the human, and therefore, the key to becoming an outstanding veterinarian. We had…

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Everybody Here Faints At Least Once

Everybody Here Faints At Least Once

Here at Leo's Pet Care veterinary clinic in Indianapolis, we are proud to be an externship host hospital for both of our local Veterinary Technician colleges, Harrison College and the International Business College of Indianapolis. We also host pre-veterinary students…

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How To Read A Pet Food Label

How To Read a Pet Food Label

Finding a quality diet appropriate for your pet's body condition and life stage can be a challenge, and basing your choice on the pretty pictures on the front of the bag of food won't help. Neither will basing your choices…

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When Is It Too Hot Outside For My Dog?

When is it too hot outside for my dog?

Even on a mild day, even with the windows slightly opened, the temperature inside a parked car can quickly rise over 100 degrees. When it's 70 degrees outside, it's too hot to leave a dog in the car. Why do…

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When Is It Too Cold Outside For My Dog Or Cat?

When is it too cold outside for my dog or cat?

IMPORTANT UPDATE as of January 12, 2016!!! According to changes to the Indianapolis Animal Care and Control ordinances... " In addition to the general requirements for animal care and treatment in this article, every owner or keeper of a dog…

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