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Please use this form to contact Leo’s Pet Care with general information or requests.

Please do not use this form for urgent requests. If your pet is in need of immediate treatment please call our office or another appropriate emergency veterinary facility in your area.

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Pet Information
Have all your pets lived their whole life in Indiana?
Have any of your pets ever had a reaction to vaccines or medications?
Do all your pets (cats AND dogs) receive monthly heartworm prevention every month, all year round?
Do all your pets receive monthly flea prevention?
Has your pet ever been muzzled at the vet before?
Do you consider your pet:
You may photograph my pets for use in social media (Facebook, email, etc.):

You will be asked to sign a health plan confirming authorization of treatment after a tentative diagnosis. The details of treatment, the risks of treatment, and/or the risk of not treating will be explained to you. Any unforeseen problem that develops while you are absent and your pet is in our care will be treated as deemed best by the staff veterinarians, and you assume full responsibility for the expense of treatment. If you neglect to pick up your pet within five days of the date signed, we may consider your pet abandoned and you authorize us to surrender your pet as deemed best and necessary.

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