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Meet our skilled Support Team

Practice Manager
Brit has experience in animal care for over 10 years, and is the practice manager of Leo’s Pet Care. She has a fondness for the small dogs, in particular brachycephalic breeds. Having a pug and a pug/chihuahua mix at home herself. She admits that it’s hard to resist their quirky charm!
Veterinary Assistant / Lead Staff Trainer
Jen Dorfmeyer, veterinary assistant extraordinaire, founding member of the Leo’s family, and lead staff trainer, has been with our practice since day one. Jen is a compassionate, generous soul, a side of the road animal rescuer, and a consummate professional.
Veterinary Assistant
Ric is a 20+ year veteran of the Indianapolis veterinary community, and a caring and capable individual whose responsibilities include assisting with radiology, dentistry, surgery, and anesthesia, as well as client education and communication. Ric lives in Broad Ripple and owns St. Bernards.
Registered Veterinary Technician
Emilee Kellar recently graduated from the International Business College and Vet Tech Institute in 2021. She has been in the field for 3+ years and is eager to continue to grow. Emilee is very close to being a fully licensed technician, only a few more steps to go.
Veterinary Assistant
Abigail Romens has always had a large passion for all animals. As a result, she currently lives with 1 dog, 2 cats, 1 guinea pig, and 7 geckos. In her free time Abigail enjoys listening to music and caring for all of her pets.
Veterinary Assistant
Paige started out with an interest in animal behavior and training. It is that interest that lead her to seek a position in veterinary medicine to expand her animal care knowledge.
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