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Morgan is a student at Bellarmine University and is majoring in Bio (pre-vet course), with a minor in molecular bio, biochem, and environmental science.

Morgan is also on the student board of directors for every club she is a part of. She has two french bulldogs (Bella and Milo) and loves collecting vinyl and going to concerts.

Leo’s Pet Care Summer Experience

Ever since I was a little girl, I had always wanted to become a veterinarian. As soon as I became old enough, I tried to volunteer and shadow every veterinarian I knew to try to learn more about the field. From this, I learned how a veterinary clinic functions and the different parts each person plays to make up a team. I also learned that I do not, in fact, what to be a large animal vet. In high school, I joined a program that helped me learn the baseline of what a veterinary assistant did. Through that program, I was able to intern at different veterinary practices near where I lived, and even got my first job from it. At this clinic, I learned how to take appointments by myself, monitor anesthesia, and so much more. I gained the ability and knowledge of how to educate owners and help ease their minds of the, sometimes hard, diagnosis. After completing my first year at college, I decided that I wanted to expand my knowledge and decided to leave the current practice I was at. After getting denied many times, Dr. Magnusson decided to take a chance on me, and I’m glad he did.

When I first got hired on, I was scared that Leo’s was going to be exactly like my last clinic, and I couldn’t be happier to be proven wrong. Within my first week, Dr. Magnusson was showing me radiology, going step by step on how to do procedures, and showing me all the different ways to treat an animal. In fact, the entire staff was more than happy to take me under their wing and teach me everything they know. Any question I asked was answered almost immediately. Another thing I appreciated was, that Dr. Johnson loved to give scavenger hunts, where she would pull out a couple of her textbooks, ask us a question, and then we would have to go searching for the answer within the books. By doing this, she started a trend of me taking her books and flipping through them over lunch, and just as always, if there was anything I didn’t quite understand, Dr. Johnson or Dr. Magnusson would be right there more than happy to answer my questions.

To anyone who is wanting to expand their knowledge of the veterinary field, I could not recommend Leo’s Pet Care more. The entire staff is so caring and truly wants to give you more and more things to learn. I have found myself being able to flourish and thrive here and you can tell everyone wants you to succeed. The only advice I have to anyone wanting to volunteer here is, to not be afraid to ask questions and to bring a notebook!

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