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My dog ate a corn cob!

dog ate corn cob

Don't even think about it!

So yesterday, I wrote a post about what to do if your dog ate raw chicken.

Essentially, the conclusion was “don’t worry about it, except sometimes”.

Today’s subject seems on the surface much more benign. I mean, they put corn in dog food right? How bad could it possibly be if my dog gets in the trash and eats a corn cob?

It could be REALLY, REALLY bad. Or, you know, not bad at all – it might pass through without any trouble. No telling.

The reason is simple – the “cob” part of a corn cob doesn’t dissolve much in stomach acid. So it’s either going to come out the back end mostly intact, or your vet is going to have to remove it.

On the one hand, if the cob was swallowed whole, it will be WAY easier to surgically remove from the stomach, than the intestines. Going to the vet NOW and having surgery done might end up being easier on your dog in the end.

On the other hand, if your dog chewed up the cob well before swallowing it, your vet might consider inducing vomiting. Do NOT do this without at least telephone consulting with a veterinarian first.

On the FINAL other hand, the chewed cob might pass through without any problems, whole or in pieces, making surgery unnecessary, and you’ll all live happily ever after. There’s really no way to predict in advance, in most cases, whether or not a foreign body will cause obstruction or pass through.

So… if you know your dopey dog ate a cob and he’s standing in front of you wagging his tail while you’re reading this, it can be difficult to choose. Medicine is never black and white. Please call your local family veterinarian (or veterinary ER if it’s late) and keep them in the loop regarding your decisions on how to proceed. Do whatever they tell you, and we wish you luck and good health!

  • Pat Gray

    my dog chewed up a corn cob and ate part of it, cause he likes corn on the cob. now we just hold the corn cob (after we take most of the corn off) and he chews off what is left!

  • MelissaShyanNorwaltPhD

    Be it corn cobs, chicken bones, or plastic covered loaves of bread, it occurs to me that locking the trash bin, putting it in a cupboard or closet, or lifting it up higher can solve a lot of trash raiding.  Everyone else think so, too?  Countersurfing or table surfing can be a problem, of course, and there are solutions to those, too.   I had a countersurfer who ate everything from toothpaste to spices…we became really good about putting things away and out of reach.  He was a big dog so we had to get a little creative.   Proactive preparedness can protect our pups.

  • nic

    3-2-13 My 80 lb weimeriner ate a half corn cob tonight and since I didnt see her eat it I didnt know if she swallowed it whole or not. She did this about 3 months ago and she was lethargic and puking by the 4th day but pooping still and the 5th day in the morning she finally puked it up. I didnt want to wait this time so I gave her 3 teaspoons of hyg peroxide and within 5 min we had corn cobs!! she did chew the pieces up but they were still large. Im glad I did this atleast I will be able to sleep better. She did puke for about 5 min about 10 times but is resting now….

  • catherinepeaches

    my about 40 pound corgi ate a corn cob but the cobs were cut in half like 3.5 inches long he’s done this before when he was a puppy but it was a full corn cob (at lest I think it was a full one I don’t know much about his history because he was adopted) after he was out of water so I refilled it and he had a lot to drink I haven’t called the vet yet should I wait a bit or call know?

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