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Eshan Selvan – This is what a veterinarian looks like at 12 Years Old

Eshan Selvan

Eshan Selvan spent the majority of the summer of 2014 studying and volunteering at Leo’s Pet Care. Here is what he had to say about the experience:

This summer before I started my externship at Leos Pet Care I did not know what to expect. I have always been an animal lover and my career goal is to become a veterinarian. I did not have any experience in the field and have only caught glimpses of a veterinarian’s life through T.V. channels on animal planet. Coming in at a young age I figured my day would consist of watching procedures and playing with animals. I even had some ideas on things I wanted to see, like neuters and x-rays. Through the help and assistance of Jen, Stephanie, Hannah and Dr. Magnusson, I realized that a vet’s life is harder than it looks.

Right after my interview I was put to work. Dr. Magnusson and his whole team opened their clinic to me and shared their passion of veterinary sciences. They took me through everything step by step and taught me what they did and more importantly why they did it. When they felt I was ready they let me perform certain tasks, including, preparing vaccines, running heart worm, urine, and blood tests. They allowed me to restrain patients, trim nails, fill out lab work and send out fecal tests. The team also taught me how to use the Avimark system for checking patients in, weighing them, entering patient medical history, and starting new patient accounts. I learned more than I could possibly learn from television shows and books I also learned a veterinary clinic. On top of that Dr. Magnusson helped get me get shadowing opportunities at other veterinary clinics to see what they do differently including Avian Exotic Animal Hospital, knowing that I had a passion for avian veterinary care. Everyday I enjoyed working with the team, learning new things, and overall having a great time. The team members also made me feel like they wanted me there and enjoyed sharing their passion with me, and I now know what a veterinarian’s life truly is like.

I highly recommend for anyone who is trying to get a veterinary job, internships, or college credit to visit Leos Pet Care. For clients who are looking for a passionate, caring clinic come visit Leos Pet Care, you won’t be disappointed, just like me.

Dr. Magnusson responds:

I took my first volunteer position at a veterinary clinic when I was 15 years old, and I was a terrible volunteer. I didn’t follow directions, I didn’t do what I was told, and I was more interested in hanging off the veterinarian’s every word than picking up a mop.

Eshan isn’t nearly as foolish as I was. He already understands exactly what it takes to succeed, whether it’s as a volunteer in a veterinary clinic, as a student with dreams of becoming a veterinarian, or likely in any other area of life.

Eshan took on every task we gave him with vigor and a positive attitude. Always ready with a smile, we could count on him to keep our exam rooms neat and tidy, clean up after our patients, pull up vaccines, or anything else we asked of him. The more Eshan succeeded at small tasks, the greater tasks we gave him, and he met and exceeded our expectations every time.

We get phone calls almost every week or two from students with dreams of joining the veterinary profession, and almost without exception, after meeting these kids in person we decide they’re not yet ready for the challenges of a busy clinic. From the first day I met him, Eshan never failed to impress me with his maturity, his work ethic, his sense of humor, and most importantly, his humility.

These days, humility is a precious resource. We could all learn to be a bit more humble like Eshan.

I also met Eshan’s father, and it was instantly clear where Eshan got his confidence and the clear head on his shoulders. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a father more proud of his son, as well he should be.

It was my great pleasure to meet Eshan Selvan, and I will gladly watch over his career with interest. If he keeps up these wonderful habits he’s developed, he’ll accomplish any goal he sets for himself.